William B. Lewis

Americans join me in saluting you for a job well done!

President George W. Bush 

You served our country with honor and distinction!

President Williliam Jefferson Clinton 

"There are many who desire to achieve your level of accomplishments."

Governor, State of Hawaii, L. Lingle

"In recognition of your service to the United States Navy and the citizens of this great nation."

Governor, State of Washington, C. O. Gregoire

"Your performance reflects the highest standards of the military."

Governor, State of Oregon, T. K. Kulongoski

Bill "You have done an OUTSTANDING job on the USS Abraham Lincoln and you should be proud of your efforts.  Our photo lab has been superior because of you."  Thank you!

Captain, J. J. Quinn, Commanding Officer USS Abraham Lincoln

Bill "Aggressively stays in tune with latest imaging technology and ...let there be no doubt that his is the BEST COMBAT PHOTO LAB IN THE U.S. NAVY. "

Captain, J. D. Cloyd, USS Abraham Lincoln

Led the photographic department ".. to create innovative illustrations to market command programs and initiatives, and managed the production of more than 48,000 photographs and digital images." 

Rear Admiral, P.M. Balisle, USS Abraham Lincoln Battle Group 

"His exceptional management and technical expertise in the photographic media arena led to the development of the west Puget Sound's first ever, all-digital photographic laboratory." 

Captain R. S Tanaka, Commanding Officer Naval Base Kitsap 

Led his photo lab crew  and ".... achieved wide recognition as the pre-eminent photographic laboratories in the Pacific and Central Command Theaters."

Vice Admiral, Edwin R. Kohn

"...He directed the production efforts of six photographic facilities that produced 1.8 million images in support of 650 business organizations."

Vice Admiral Brent M. Bennett 

Bill "Personally had significant role in arranging photography and provided 24-hour turn around time for exposed-film development during visit of Russian Delegation to the United States." 

Rear Admiral, F.K. Holian 

Select customer comments:

Mr. Jeff M: 

 "The DVD presentation and the collage, one word:  WOW!  Bill had the DVD video presentation, JPG pictures and the collage of my sister's wedding ready in three days.  My sister has played the DVD presentation twenty times to friends and family.  A true gentleman and an absolute professional photographer!" 

 Tammy K:

"Bill hand delivered the pictures to my home! "

Tadash and Michelle: 

Thank you again for all you have done!!!!! our family and friends said that you were very professional and pleasant to have there!!!! if you EVER need a reference keep us in mind  we will give you a glowing review!!!!

Joe and  and Katie:

If we had the money we would have paid Bill more for the wonderful job he did for our wedding!  Please contact us as a reference for Bill's outstanding services.  Bill has our number ... call us!  

Ryan and  Jessika:

"We have shown the DVD wedding presentation hundreds of times to friends and family.  We highly recommend Bill to photograph your wedding! " 

Ken and Yollie S

"Bill did a wonderful job photographing our family portraits." 

Rosie and Greg C.

"We asked Bill to photograph some last minute family reunion pictures in our home and we were very pleased with the lovely group photographs."

Max C.

"Bill did a great job photographing my sports car.   The picture was published in a major automobile magazine."

Kellijae and Andrew family

We "loved your website and you AWESOME photography.  I told everyone on Craig's list to use your services."  

Cesar and Maria

Pictures of our wedding are superior!  Wal-Mart even refused to print the engagement pictures Bill photographed because they were so professional!  Bill had to write a copyright waiver because the pictures were so professional.  My family were very impressed with Bill's professionalism and positive personality during the wedding. 

Amy and Family

We loved the pictures Bill took of my family this summer! 

Joe and Kathleen

We have recommended Bill to our friends for family portraits and weddings.  We highly recommend his services.   

Mr. Akintide

I especially love this picture that led me to hire the Senior Chief for my wedding Vow renewals:  http://veteranphotographer.com/cgi-bin/photoalbum/view_photo/1500472